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Welcome to USAholster.com. We are your source for quality gun holsters. Our holsters include hip holster, side holster, ankle holster, shoulder holster, tactical holster, leg holster, inside the pants holster & concealed belly wrap holsters. We also carry ammo accessories, hand gun accessories, concealed vests and concealment gun vest products. We are an authorized dealer for ProTech Outdoors Inc. products, some of the finest and most durable hand gun holsters and vests available. So if you're looking for holsters, look no more. All holsters are custom fit for each make and model hand gun. Feel free to call us for more information about our hand gun holster products, concealment vest products as well as our hand gun and ammo accessories.

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I will start by making this statement on Pro-Tech holsters.  Quality is built right in to each and every item we used and reviewed.  These holsters are made from heavy nylon with high quality stitching work throughout each piece.  These holsters are designed to last a LONG time, and if you are one of those people who don’t take care of your guns, these items may well outlast the weapon itself.

I was very impressed from the minute I opened the box.  It was plain to see these were not just thrown together, disregarding quality, for mass production. This is one of the best all around holster we’ve ever tested. This is the holster that, I think, stacks up against the biggest competitors on the market.  There are so many different types and makers of belt holsters, and sometimes the only advantage is the quality that was put into making the holster and not necessarily the ease of use.  Yes, there are cheap holsters, and there are expensive holsters.  What you need to do is figure out the price that you can spend, and then simply go and see what is out there. This belt holster is simple, yet very effective.  It has an additional pouch in front of the holster for your extra clip for Auto’s, and a Velcro strap for the pistol. The holsters are four wall construction, the inner wall has vinyl vapor barriers and foam padding. The holsters interior is lined with a soft nylon fabric to protect your weapon, and provide a smooth draw every time. They offer different sizes for different pistols, but they are all built with the same quality no matter which one you purchase!

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